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Madhive Untangles Data Sprawl with Revefi

Madhive Untangles Data Sprawl with Revefi


Case Study



“One of the best parts about Revefi is that five-minute onboarding process and what you get for it..” – Elan Ashendorf, Principal Engineer, Madhive

Madhive is the leading technology company engineered for modern TV advertising. Through its self-service platform, Madhive modernizes legacy systems, enabling advertisers to automate the ad buying process into one operating system seamlessly. This allows advertisers to plan, target, activate, and measure their campaigns with greater simplicity, accountability, reach, and control.  Madhive delivers precise, brand-safe audience connections efficiently at scale. The company is trusted by the leading local content owners, creators, and distributors, including FOX, Scripps, and TEGNA, as well as national agencies and brands, powering more than a quarter billion dollars in media in media across 20,000+ daily campaigns.

Madhive’s data is used by their customers to better predict how their campaigns are going to go, so it’s imperative that the data is correct. Their data is their business.

This case study – based on a conversation with Elan Ashendorf, Principal Engineer at Madhive – explains how the company got value quickly out of  Revefi to ensure data quality without needing a dedicated team, manage data sprawl, address data governance, and proactively resolve data pipeline issues.

The Lowdown

Madhive wanted to keep its business strong by providing quality vetted data to their downstream customers.

But as Elan noted: “Without a dedicated team to look at any of the individual resources, it gets messy very quickly, and it needs some holistic way to be monitored.”

The company chose Revefi to:

  • Untangle and make sense of their Petabytes of sprawling data
  • Do the work that would require a dedicated data team
  • get started with a data monitoring tool fast and without hassles

The Deep Dive

The roadblocks

Prior to adopting Revefi, Madhive:

  • Processed hundreds of Petabytes each month
  • Tried a number of approaches to monitor their own data
  • Realized the manpower required was greater than anticipated

They understood they needed a professional product like Revefi to solve this problem

The specifics

With Revefi, Madhive has benefited from:

  • Immediate time to value. The five minute onboarding process is easy and immediately they receive monitoring for performance, usage, and spend. Madhive did not have to hire a dedicated data team or do any setup. Revefi monitored everything out of the box and established baselines and proactive alerting on connection and over time.
  • Data quality monitoring: Revefi uncovered tables that were actively being queried by users, but were not “fresh” and weren’t being updated. This stale data only contributed to data sprawl and could be responsible for inaccurate reports and decisions based on that data.
  • Silent failure detection: Madhive had an instance of one of their vendors failing to send data. Elan said: “Revefi immediately notified us that there was a significant drop in amount of rows delivered that day, and it allowed us to reach out to the data vendor and resolve it, within a timely manner.”
  • Cost savings: Revefi indicated Madhive had tables that were being updated and not being used. “It allowed us to quickly identify resources we could remove and therefore save money to the company,””, Elan said.
  • Data Governance: Revefi helps with Madhive’s Data Governance, specifically in the Data Retention policies, by surfacing what artifacts are and are not being used in widgets and charts.

The Outcome

Madhive accomplishes all data quality, spend, usage, and performance monitoring through their existing team and Revefi’s proactive notifications. Coupled with the quick time to value, without having to manually set any knobs, Madhive is quickly untangling and staying on top of their data sprawl.

  • Revefi is helping Madhive meet their Data Retention Policy in their Data Governance responsibilities
  • Unused tables are being purged from the large data landscape, resulting in cost savings on obsolete data
  • Revefi’s zero-touch setup allowed Madhive to realize a lot of value out of the gate after just five minutes of invested time

Data Quality monitoring at a large scale of data sprawl is not for the faint of heart, but Madhive has tamed theirs with the simplicity and power of Revefi.

Get a holistic view of your data property performance and utilization and cut data warehousing bills. Get started with Revefi today for free!

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