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Why Revefi? Customers have realized benefits such as:

  • 30-50+%, easily six figures reduction in annual Snowflake spend
  • .5M USD worth in BigQuery Slots saved within 3 weeks
  • 10s of millions of queries eliminated from warehouses
  • Billions of rows of useless data removed
  • Hours & days of data debugging time reduced to seconds
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All it takes is 5 minutes
Zero escalations from business teams in 1+ year
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Serving customers across multiple industries

$10B Public Software Company
Petabytes of Data
$12B Public Software Company
160K+ tables
Fortune 1000 CPG Company
20+ BigQuery projects
$7B Public FinTech Company
$2B Enterprise Search Startup
Integration Company
Exabytes of data
FinTech Startup
Product Analytics Startup
$5B Security Startup
$5B Tech Startup
Agriculture Company
>50% spend reduction!
APAC Telecom Company
HR Tech Company
MarTech Company
Europe FoodTech Company
FoodTech Company
MarTech Company
80K+ tables
Fortune 500
Top Financial Institution
$500M+ ARR Security Company
Fortune 500 Retailer
Nordic Energy Utility Company
Enterprise Blockchain Company
Petabytes of Data
Partners Services Company
>40% savings in days!
And many more!