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What defines us?
What defines us?

“Revefi” Story!

Are enterprises data driven? In reality, trust between data and users is at best tenuous. Well therein lies the problem, doesn't it?

We saw this as a tremendous, category defining opportunity. We know that it is a business critical, much needed, fun problem to solve for. Enterprises are spending tens of millions of dollars today with the hope to get this right. And when we solve meaningful, relevant problems that makes a marked difference in day to day lives of users, very good things follow!

Both of us share a deep passion for data, systems, building fun, long term companies. At Revefi, we have re-joined forces to build something big, transformational, purposeful, and long lasting.

Can you recollect an instance where issues with Data wreaked havoc and pain? TELL US about it!


Sanjay Agrawal, CEO

Ex cofounder ThoughtSpot, a 4.2B Unicorn Startup. Ex Google, Microsoft.

Sanjay brings 20+ years of organizational leadership and deep enterprise expertise building high performance database, analytics, learning, data recommendation systems. He played a key role in building ThoughtSpot from day one. Later, he established the first office of the company outside Bay Area before starting Revefi.

He enjoys going deep into distributed query processing, micro optimizations, getting into whys, loves working directly with customers to learn how we can best help. Catch him for fun customer stories!

With two 10 year test of time awards that helped set new industry directions while at Microsoft, unconventional decisions to build a database (really?) specialized for analytics and a push based data recommendation (again unprecedented!) when at ThoughtSpot, he is driven by innovations that can have a 10x impact on the industry.

Shashank Gupta, CTO

Ex cofounder ThoughtSpot, a 4.2B Unicorn Startup. Ex Meta, Yahoo, Amazon

Shashank has 20 years+ of organization and enterprise experience building high performing teams and products in the areas of search, entity extraction and data infra. He loves getting into system design and architecture, how to build software the right way.

In late 2000s, he set up Yahoo's web search team in India. At ThoughtSpot, in addition to Technical Leadership around industry defining category of search in BI, he led the Engineering organization for the first few years. At Facebook, he proposed and subsequently led Data Quality for the underlying Exa-byte size Data Warehouse.

He is passionate about teaching. While exploring Ed Tech space for a startup previously, he took a detour and got himself a Masters degree in education to get a closer inside out view. This is user empathy at a totally different level!

Why should “you” be interested?

The "Repeat" Founders with Enterprise DNA.

We are ex cofounders of ThoughtSpot, a unicorn in BI. We have walked the startup journey from day 1 to day 3000, the experience is tough and the best teacher. The fun, the thrill, sense of purpose its uncanny.

And we never, ever could consider a different path for what’s next for us!

One of our companies latest valuation

Opportunity, Pain is Universal

The business need, the market it’s all there for us. Pain attached to ability to use data is very real.

Culture, Help us Build it Right From Day One!

Openness, Respect, Inclusiveness, Excellence, Purpose, Innovation - these are core to us.

Money, Super Well Funded !!!

One of the largest Seed raises in the industry, Backed by a top VC Fund from the Valley.

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