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Cut time spent to find root cause and fix issues to minutes.

Reduce your data warehouse spend.

Building a data observability product that is super easy for data teams to use is hard.

Holistic thinking around Automation, Deep SQL Knowledge, Super Efficient Compute, Machine Learning & AI, and low TCO is a must-have.

We have built automated Data Quality platforms that were used regularly by thousand+ data team members at Meta.

Self-tuning massively parallel Distributed Databases running in fortune 500 customer environments.

ML & AI powered Recommendation engines that automatically pushed insights to data analysts.

Data is in our founder’s DNA.

We are ex-cofounders of ThoughtSpot, a 4.2B unicorn in BI and we are excited to share our story and show you how we can help your enterprise maintain and deliver data quality for all business use cases.
CEO, Co-founder

With two 10 year test of time awards that helped set new industry directions while at Microsoft, unconventional decisions to build a database (really?) specialized for analytics and a push based data recommendation (again unprecedented!) when at ThoughtSpot, he is driven by innovations that can have a 10x impact on the industry.

Sanjay brings 20+ years of organizational leadership and deep enterprise expertise building high performance database, analytics, learning, data recommendation systems. He played a key role in building ThoughtSpot from day one. Later, he established the first office of the company outside Bay Area before starting Revefi.

He enjoys going deep into distributed query processing, micro optimizations, getting into whys, loves working directly with customers to learn how we can best help. Catch him for fun customer stories!

CTO, Co-founder

Most recently, at Meta, Shashank proposed and subsequently led Data Quality for the underlying Exa-byte size Data Warehouse. At ThoughtSpot, in addition to building the search engine for industry defining category of search in BI, he set up and led the whole Engineering organization for the first 3 years. Before this, he was deeply involved in the distributed systems and search areas at Amazon and Yahoo.

Shashank has 20 years+ of organization and enterprise experience building high performing teams and products in the areas of search, entity extraction and data infra. He loves getting into system design and architecture, how to build software the right way.

He is passionate about teaching. While exploring Ed Tech space for a startup previously, he took a detour and got himself a Masters degree in education to get a closer inside out view. This is user empathy at a totally different level!