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Team Revefi

We're an eclectic mission driven team focused on making data at scale reliable and cost efficient.

We also like to get together and have fun!

We're always looking for others who are passionate about users having full trust in their data.

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Revefi is a diverse mix of driven and dedicated innovators, obsessed with data and how it impacts people monitoring enterprises' at scale.

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Data is in our founder’s DNA.

Sanjay & Shashank are ex-cofounders of ThoughtSpot, a 4.2B unicorn in BI. They are committed to helping enterprises maintain and deliver high-quality data for any business use case.

A photo of  Sanjay Agrawal, CEO and Co-founder in Revefi
CEO, Co-founder

Sanjay has earned two distinguished "Test of Time" awards over a decade, setting new industry standards during his tenure at Microsoft. While at ThoughtSpot, his pioneering decisions included developing a specialized database for analytics and introducing a push-based data recommendation system—both of which were groundbreaking. He is always motivated by innovations that promise a 10x industry impact.

With over 20 years of experience, Sanjay boasts a rich background in organizational leadership and a deep expertise in enterprise systems, covering high-performance databases, analytics, learning, and data recommendation systems. He was instrumental in shaping ThoughtSpot from its inception. Later, he founded the company's first office outside the Bay Area before launching Revefi.

Sanjay is passionate about distributed query processing and micro-optimizations. He thrives on understanding the intricacies and always seeks the underlying reasons. Moreover, he relishes direct interactions with customers, constantly learning how to serve them better. Reach out to him for intriguing customer tales!

A photo of Shashank Gupta, CTO and Co-founder in Revefi
CTO, Co-founder

Recently at Meta, Shashank introduced and spearheaded the Data Quality initiative for the massive Exabyte-scale Data Warehouse. While at ThoughtSpot, he not only crafted the search engine for the pioneering category of search in BI but also established and directed the Engineering department for its initial three years. Prior to that, he delved deep into distributed systems and search functionalities at Amazon and Yahoo.

Boasting over 20 years of organizational and enterprise experience, Shashank has an impressive track record of building high-performing teams and products, specializing in search, entity extraction, and data infrastructure. He is deeply passionate about system design, architecture, and the art of constructing software proficiently.

Furthermore, Shashank's commitment to education is profound. During a venture into the Ed Tech space for a startup, he took a unique turn, pursuing a Master's degree in education to gain a more intimate, inside-out perspective. He brings this unparalleled focus on user empathy to product design at Revefi.

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