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Uplimit Achieves Data Reliability at Scale with Revefi

Uplimit Achieves Data Reliability at Scale with Revefi


Case Study



“The plug-and-play set up of Revefi ensures that we have all the automated alerts from the get-go. Plus, not needing a dedicated resource around data quality alerting is super helpful.” – Sourabh Bajaj, co-founder and CTO, Uplimit

Uplimit is an AI education platform that works with B2B customers on internal upskilling or reskilling of employees and with Fortune 500 companies on customer support and education.

At Uplimit, data is crucial given the importance of AI. So, Uplimit wanted its data to be precise.

This case study – based on a conversation with Sourabh Bajaj, co-founder and CTO at Uplimit – explains how this small company got started fast with Revefi to ensure data quality without needing a dedicated resource, address compliance and gain control of its data warehouse bills.

The Lowdown

Uplimit wanted to ensure a high standard of quality for the data it uses.

But as Bajaj noted: “Monitoring in the data ecosystem is extremely hard.”

The company chose Revefi to:

  • ensure the quality of its data
  • free it from having to manually set up data quality monitors
  • get started with a data monitoring tool fast and without hassles

The Deep Dive

The roadblocks

Prior to adopting Revefi, Uplimit:

  • had thousands of tables for which it had to explicitly create monitors
  • was manually setting up tests for each table or column individually
  • knew it needed a better way, but didn’t want to spend a lot of effort getting there

Around this time, they found Revefi and decided to give the product a try.

The specifics

With Revefi, Uplimit enjoys the benefits of:

  • Plug-and-play setup: Getting started with Revefi was incredibly easy. That was important for Uplimit, which is a small company that is working to make the most of its time and resources. Uplimit didn’t have to set up anything. Revefi automatically established a baseline for all alerts, and Uplimit got automated alerts from the get-go.
  • Data quality monitoring without a dedicated resource: Getting automated alerts without having to set them up manually is extremely valuable for Uplimit. “Revefi has been great at getting automated alerting on thousands of tables without any effort,” Bajaj said.
  • Silent failure detection: Revefi promptly identifies situations in which the system is functioning but the data is incorrect. That helps with data assurance, which is critical since Uplimit leverages its data platform for accounting and other financial systems.
  • Cost savings: With Revefi, Uplimit now has the capability to find unused tables or other unused data resources. This allows Uplimit to identify where it can save on costs.
  • SOC 2 compliance: As a small company working on SOC 2 compliance, Uplimit needed to make sure it could maintain stringent control over data access. Revefi helps with that.

The Outcome

Uplimit says that, as a small company, the ability to set up a data load in just five minutes is really powerful. Revefi empowers Uplimit with this important capability – and has freed the company from needing to have a dedicated resource to do manual data quality monitoring.

  • Revefi is helping Uplimit simplify the complex, tedious process of becoming SOC 2 compliant.
  • With Revefi, Uplimit also saves money – ensuring it’s not surprised by its data warehouse bills.
  • Revefi’s zero-touch setup allowed Uplimit to experience ease-of-use and value on day 1.

Data quality monitoring can be extremely hard. But, as Uplimit has seen, Revefi makes it easy.

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