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Words from our customers

"The plug-and-play set up of Revefi ensures that we have all the automated alerts from the get-go. Plus, not needing a dedicated resource around data quality alerting is super helpful."
Sourabh Bajaj
Co-founder & CTO
"Revefi has transformed how we manage our data systems. Within minutes, we slashed roughly 5% off our Snowflake bill and decreased execution time by ~30%."
Brandon Harris
VP, Technology & Data
FCP Euro
"Revefi helped us reduce our cloud data platform spend by 30%, six figure savings. While doing this, we increased the usage by 35%, and did not have any major escalations in the last six months."
Aby Jerin
Principal Data Engineer
“Only three days after we started with Revefi, they helped us avoid a $10,000 bill from unnecessary jobs in BigQuery.”
Jennifer Johnson
Senior Software Engineering Manager